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Madisson Jewellery the largest choice at the best price!

A Passion for Mother to daughter jewels:

undefinedThe story of Madisson Jewelery is based on a passion for jewellery over 3 generations!
I developed a passion and know-how alongside my mother in France.
Twenty years ago I discovered the south of Portugal and the Algarve that is my favorite region!
As a family, we came to live there and opened several jewellery stores.
I created the Madisson Jewellery which is in relation with my daughter's name. Today I am very proud to be able to work with my children who have developed the same passion.

How came the idea of ​​a website?

Located in the famous rua Vasco Da Gama of Quarteira, our jewellery "Madisson Jewellery" enjoys a very strong reputation and is recognized by a loyal clientele.
Among these, we have residents of the Algarve region but also a clientele from all over Europe.
Offering a choice that we can not find anywhere else, with excellent value for money (silver jewelry 925/1000 available from 5 euros), our jewellery attracts many people who unfortunately can not always go on square. It is after many exchanges with our customers, that we realized the real need to create a website so that our jewels are accessible at any time and this without geographical limit.
Accompanied by a professional and motivated team, the site was born in April 2018.

What do we propose in this online jewellery?

We provide our customers with wide ranges of products:
rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches.
Our jewellery can be silver 925/1000, gold plated, steel and also in gold 375/1000.
Each jewel made of precious metals is hallmarked by the European and Portuguese authorities. So you make sure to order quality jewellery.
Regarding Watches, we offer a selection of models belonging to recognized brands and adored by the general public.

How do we come up with cheap jewellery?

Globetrotter at heart since my tenderest youth, I regularly travel the different countries of the world,
 looking for the best quality/price products.
So here is our secret to have quality jewellery at affordable prices.