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Online Shopping Terms and Conditions


    This document regulates the general conditions of use of the Madisson Jewelery website / store that you have just accessed for the purposes of online purchase and sale of products sold by Karine Oliveira, with NIF 224582569 and domicile at R. Vasco da Gama, Ed. Cortes Reais, Loja 6, 8125-256 Quarteira, Portugal (Madisson Jewelery).

    The use of this website assigns you the condition of Customer and implies your full and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions included in the General Conditions of Use as well as in the Privacy Policy in effect at each moment you access Madisson Jewelery.

     If you do not fully accept any of the conditions set forth, you should not access / use the Madisson Jewelery online store. By consulting, using or downloading the content of this site, you are agreeing to comply with the conditions set out in this document and in the Privacy Policy.

     Madisson Jewelery reserves the right to change these General Conditions without prior notice, so consult the conditions before each use.

     The processing of personal information within the scope of data protection is governed by the Privacy Policy of the Platform, and for this purpose it must be consulted in accordance with the Law of Protection of Personal Data, and the User is obliged not to use any tools software for the collection of personal information, namely robots, crawlers or other automatic mechanisms.

     All information given by Customer must be true. The Customer has the obligation to update the information provided to Madisson Jewelery, whenever it undergoes any changes. The Customer is expressly liable for any false or inaccurate statements it may make and for the damages caused to Madisson Jewelery or to third parties, with the information it provides.

     Madisson Jewelery is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data, the purpose of which is the execution of this contract.

     In the event of violation of these General Conditions, Madisson Jewelery reserves the right to exercise any and all legal action. In addition, Madisson Jewelery reserves the right to, at its discretion, terminate access to or use of Madisson Jewelery, with or without notice to you


    Madisson Jewelery's contractual proposal is only intended for people of full age and who can therefore
    be held responsible for the commitments resulting from the purchase and sale.

    In order to access a wider range of features, the User must register his profile on the Madisson Jewelery website, by filling in a form, which, in addition to optional elements, must indicate the first and last
    name, a valid e-mail address, a valid telephone contact number, and a password.

    All information provided by the User must be true. The User must update the information provided to Madisson Jewelery whenever it undergoes any changes. The User is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements he may make and for the damages he causes to Madisson Jewelery or to third parties, with the information he provides Madisson Jewelery is not liable for damages resulting from the misuse / negligence of the keyword defined by the User for access to the profile. The User must ensure the confidentiality of the password

    1. Step - Selection of items to include in the shopping cart

    Prices are always indicated in Euros, including VAT at the legal rate in force.

    The Customer hereby accepts and expressly acknowledges that:

    • The photographs presented at Madisson Jewelery are merely illustrative, and the Client must carefully and fully read the information about the essential characteristics of the articles described on the site and may, in case of doubt, contact the customer support line at order to obtain any additional information or details;
    • Madisson Jewelery will make every reasonable effort to include accurate and up-to-date information on this product site;
    •  The price of the items indicated in Madisson Jewelery corresponds to the full amount payable by the Client, not including the value of the transport, if applicable, in which case it will also be expressly indicated, as well as the total amount to be borne by the Customer;
    • Madisson Jewelery will present information on the site regarding the availability of the items included in the shopping cart in stock, and if there is any item that must be ordered by Madisson Jewelery, it will be mentioned that it can not guarantee a term maximum of delivery, only being able to estimate a minimum delivery period of four weeks;
    2. Step - Fill Form

     For the purpose of confirming your order through the Madisson Jewelery website, you will have to fill out a form, in which you must indicate:

    • Full name or corporate name of Customer;
    • Telephone contacts and e-mail addresses of the Customer;
    • Address for product delivery;
    • Full name or company name, NIF and Client Address to be included in the invoice (optional);

    4. Step - Confirmation of items included in shopping cart, buyer data and billing
    The Customer undertakes to verify the data contained in your order summary, confirming the selected articles and services in the shopping cart, 
    customer data and billing data, and you must go back to the previous steps in order to correct them if you notice any discomfort.

    5. Step - Order Confirmation After completing the previous steps and with the confirmation of acceptance of these General Conditions,
    the Client can select the most convenient payment method, Paypal. Paypal payments are ensured by PayPal's secure payment system.

    To complete your Order, you must activate the "CONFIRM AND ORDER ORDER" button.
    Madisson Jewelery will acknowledge receipt of the order by electronic mail sent to the email provided by Customer,
    containing information on the essential characteristics of the product and the total price of the product, including transportation costs.

    The Customer expressly accepts and acknowledges that the purchase and sale is only considered
    definitive, valid and effective between both Parties after verification of the full payment of the price by the Customer.

    Once payment has been confirmed, the invoice will be sent with the articles object of the purchase and sale.

    Changes subsequent to the current general conditions do not bind the Customer.
    You must file and print a copy of these general conditions for future reference. The contract shall be formalized in Portuguese.

    Madisson Jewelery assures the shipping of your articles to Portugal and to the other European Countries.
     Once the confirmation of the order confirmation is received by the Customer and the price is fully paid, the Customer will receive an e-mail with the shipping information of his order and indication of the date expected for delivery at the indicated address.
     In case of unavailability of the article (s), Madisson Jewelery shall inform the Customer, within a maximum period of five (5) days from the knowledge of such unavailability, by refunding the amounts paid if the Parties do not come to agree on a new period of performance of the contract.
     If on the date scheduled for delivery the Customer is not at the indicated address, an additional invoice will be sent with travel costs and instructions for payment. The Customer may reschedule the delivery, within a maximum period of one month from the day previously scheduled, provided he has paid for the previous trip.
     In case of defects or damage to the articles and / or if the articles do not match your order, the Customer must identify the damages or defects in the sheet intended for that purpose. You should also contact Madisson Jewelery for Customer Service within two (2) days after the date of delivery.

    Madisson Jewelery offers you a wide range of articles with the best quality. Your purchases at Madisson Jewelery are properly packaged and delivered in sturdy, resealable cartons / envelopes that are identifiable with your order reference.
    Madisson Jewelery is not responsible for any divergences and / or modifications related to the information about the products on our site, provided by the suppliers / manufacturers, and the information on the labels or labels thereof.
    Madisson Jewelery guarantees the refund of the amount of your purchase, provided that you guarantee the following requirements:
        Return within 14 days after purchase of the item;
        Present the invoice;
        Present the article properly packed, in perfect state of preservation, and also sealed in the case of the following products: earrings.
        Support the direct costs of the return of the goods, which must be done by the same mode of delivery.
    The following items are not covered by the Satisfaction Return Policy:
        Products manufactured to consumer specifications or manifestly personalized;

        Sealed products not susceptible of return for reasons of health protection or hygiene when opened after delivery


    Madisson Jewelery responds, under the terms and conditions established in Decree-Law no. 67/2003, of April 8, with the amendments of Decree-Law no. 84/2008, of May 21, for any lack of conformity that exists when delivery of the goods and that it appears within a period of two years from the date of delivery, provided that it is communicated to Madisson Jewelery within a maximum period of 2 months from the date of its detection.
     During the warranty period, the defective product will be repaired free of charge or replaced by a similar model in the event that it can not be repaired. The buyer must submit the nonconforming item together with the purchase invoice.
     Material that is subject to breakage (eg beads), deterioration, oxidation, loss or loss, defects caused by shocks, improper use, improper storage and cleaning, neglect, improper handling, modifications, unauthorized repairs , accidents or the normal wear and tear and even damages caused by the use of other products either together with these or isolated.
     Instructions for protection of your articles:

     Gold and Silver: Gold and silver are soft metals that can suffer wear. Silver in particular may stain / oxidize over time but this process will progress much faster if the silver comes in contact with agents such as perfume, chlorine, salt water, creams, sunscreens, and make-up. This oxidation process depends on your routine care and is therefore not a manufacturing defect.

        Silver and Gold meshes: The mesh of your bracelets and / or necklaces will, naturally over time, extend between 1-2 centimeters, not being considered a manufacturing defect.
        Opening of fasteners: Never open fasteners, for example of bracelets, with utensils that can force and / or damage the clasp.
        Losses: Loss of any item or part of it is not covered by the warranty.
        Breaks: Glass parts, beads with or without stone are subject to breakage, and are not covered by the warranty.
        Oxidation: Oxidation disappears over time. This time depends on how your article is handled. The disappearance of oxidation can be caused by several factors: skin perspiration, chlorine, perfumes, creams, sunscreens, medicines excreted by the skin, cleaning agents and silver polishing. The oxidation that disappears is considered normal wear and tear and is not a manufacturing defect.
        Leather and Fabric: Leather and fabric are natural materials that need protection and some care. Never use your leather or fabric part in water. Natural variations in tone are normal; these are merely natural features of leather or fabric.
        Stones, Pearls, Enamel and Wood: Prevent stones, pearls and enamel pieces from being exposed to water, high temperatures or cleaning agents. The wear of the wood is the result of a natural wear of the part used and is not considered a manufacturing defect. Pearls and enamel can only be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.

    The Consumer has the right to free resolution of this contract within 14 calendar days, without the need to indicate any reason. The deadline for the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall expire 14 days from the day on which the consumer (or a third party appointed by the consumer) acquires the physical capacity of the goods (or goods in the case of several goods ordered by the consumer in a single order and delivered separately).
    In order to exercise your right of free resolution, you must notify us of your decision to terminate this agreement by means of an unequivocal statement, eg letter sent by post to Karine Oliveira, Lda., Rua Vasco da Gama, Edifício Cortes Reais, Loja 6, 8125-256 Quarteira, Portugal, by phone +351289323922 or by e-mail madissonjewellery@gmail.com. If you make use of this possibility, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt of the request for resolution by e-mail without delay.
    In order for the resolution period to be respected, it is sufficient that its communication concerning the exercise of the right of resolution be sent before the expiry of the period for termination.
    In the event of termination of this agreement, all payments made, including any costs of delivery, shall be reimbursed without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days after the date on which Madisson Jewelery possession of the acquired goods.
    We made refunds using the same payment method you used in the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed by you.
    You must bear the direct costs of returning the goods, which must be done by the same delivery method

    Madisson Jewelery informs that under Reg. (EU) 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the Customer can access at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event= main.home.chooseLanguage to the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (RLL), where information is available on the possibility of appealing to it to resolve your disputes.
    Consumer Information Portal (www.consumidor.pt) also provides information on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities available for the promotion of out-of-court settlement of national and cross-border disputes under Law 144/2015 of 8 September, when they are initiated by a consumer against a supplier of goods or services and comply with contractual obligations resulting from sales or service contracts concluded between a supplier of established goods or services and consumers residing in Portugal and in the European Union.
     European website


    In the event of a dispute, you may appeal to the National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration; Information Center, Measurement and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of the Algarve; Center of Arbitration of Conflicts of Consumption of the District of Coimbra; Center of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Lisbon; Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto; Center of Arbitration of Conflicts of Consumption of the Valley of the Ave / Court Arbitral; Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Consumer Arbitration Tribunal); Center for Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Madeira. Madisson Jewelery is not bound by adhesion or legal imposition resulting from arbitration required, to any alternative dispute resolution entity.

    To the maximum extent permitted by law, Madisson Jewelery will only be liable for damages caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. Madisson Jewelery assumes no responsibility for the continuous provision of your site, especially mobile networks, the Internet and mobile devices.
    The photos displayed on this site may not correspond to the described configurations of the articles and Madisson Jewelery should be contacted through the Customer Support line or through the electronic contact for clarification and removal of questions. In case the information presented does not correspond to the characteristics of the articles, the Client assists the right to terminate the purchase and sale agreement in accordance with applicable legal terms.

    Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice

    The User undertakes not to make any abusive use of these same contents, and may not be copied, divulged, used or copied in any way, not using software tools to collect protected content, namely, robots, crawlers or other mechanisms automatically.

    The User will not copy, translate, disassemble or decompile, nor create or attempt to create, by reverse engineering or otherwise, the source code and the object code of the Platform, as well as third party tools and applications and the software associated with the operation of the or remove any notices of confidentiality or intellectual property.

    The User undertakes to fully indemnify Madisson Jewelery for any damages, costs or expenses incurred by Madisson as a consequence of claims of any kind or nature that are directed by Madisson Jewelery by third parties, based on the violation of the rights of third parties, namely rights of intellectual property related to the use of content made available, provided or made available through the site and the services associated with it, including for damages paid to third parties by agreement with them.

    Quarteira, November 1st, 2016.